TLAP Corporate Sponsorship

Sport or ‘white collar’ boxing is now firmly established within the combat sport arena and many organisations are presenting shows of varying size, quality and success across the country. Train Like A Pro has set itself apart from the crowd with a professionalism and eye for detail that sees its own shows consistently sold out and boasting an atmosphere and production value that many a professional boxing organisation would envy. As a result, Train Like A Pro is the talk of the sport boxing world and has a constant waiting list of ordinary working men and women eager to step into the spotlight and experience the thrill of being treated like a professional boxer across a life-changing ten week program.

The Concept:

Train Like A Pro is the boxing phenomena that gives ordinary men and women the opportunity to be transformed into stars of the ring for one night of glory after an intense 10 week training course, culminating in an incredible boxing showcase that sees them stepping between the ropes and boxing for three rounds in front of a huge crowd as the star of the show. What sets Train Like A Pro apart is its team structure and strong sense of family as 4 teams of 10 competitors are put through an intense 10 week course that replicates a boxer’s professional fight-camp before they are matched on a boxing promotion that rivals any professional show in terms of production values, organisation and presentation.

In shortTrain Like APro gives its competitors a skill and mind-set that impacts upon their whole life long after their boxing bout has finished. They may never become a professional boxer but during their 10 week training camp competitors have access to all the tools of the boxer’s trade and experience the fitness regime, conditioning, psychology and the basics of boxing and sparring necessary to become a champion.


Professionalism permeates every aspect of Train Like A Pro and this is clearly exhibited in the quality of coaching within the system. The 4 teams are coached by World-Class trainers, who between them have a vast amount of knowledge and personal experience of competition at the highest level, ensuring the best possible preparation for the boxing contenders.

Steven ‘Pocket Rocket’ Cook: The owner of the Pegasus gym,Cook leads by example and is the current WRSA World and British Professional Kickboxing champion, an elite athlete known for his versatility. With the ‘Pocket Rocket’ as coach, Competitors develop technique, fitness and conditioning in equal measure.

Nathan Graham: Pegasus Gym’s full-time boxing coach is a former Southern Area Professional Boxing Champion and a rising star in the professional ranks. Given his professional background Nathan is all about slick punch combinations and fitness, fitness, fitness.

Michael Graham: ‘Old School’ in attitude and application, Michael is a 2 times World champion across multiple Martial Arts with a hard-core traditional philosophy. His team members have mental strength, fitness and precision technique instilled in them from a master motivator.

Mike Zilles: The man who has guided Steven Cook to the elite level he now operates at, Zilles, an ex-military man is known as the toughest of the tough and boasts over 30 year’s experience. With his vast knowledge of fitness methods and winning technique, Zilles is a supreme motivator and consummate technician.

Health and Safety:

With Train Like A Pro the competitors health and safety throughout the course of their 10 week training camp is paramount at all times. As a result all our competitors undergo regular and thorough medicals conducted by a fully qualified NHS GP. This process is continued right up to the fight night, when the boxers are given stringent pre and post-fight medicals.

Safe and fair matchmaking is at the core of a Train Like A Pro boxing showcase and across the 10 week program the boxers are continually studied and analysed and a structured sparring regime is in place so that coaches can ensure the best matches are made. Through this attention to detail the competitors get the best experience in the safest environment possible to ensure a once in a lifetime experience.

The Boxing Showcase:

When it comes to the actual night of boxing, Train Like A Pro is unrivalled in its pursuit of excellence and utilises only the very best, from the venues chosen through the Production team filming the event to the all-important officials at ringside. Every aspect of the fight-night is micro-managed and the size of the crowds and the number of people signing-up to be future competitors is Train Like A Pro’s most telling endorsement.

The Production:


Train Like a Pro has promoted sold-out shows at the Guttmann Centre within the famous Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Aylesbury since its inception but such is the rapid growth of the concept that we are proud to announce that we have officially signed an exclusive deal with MK Arena to take TLAP there in 2016. The MK Arena is one of, if not the, premier indoor venue in the country with unrivalled state of the art facilities which will see Train Like a Pro offer men and women the chance to really test themselves in a show which will be as close to a big night fight you will see in Vegas! As a promotor at this prestigious venue we will now sit alongside MK Arena’s corporate and sporting elite, such as Mercedes F1, Redbull, Toyota, and the World Darts championships.

Production and Filming:

Train Like A Pro are renowned for their incredible production values; values that see their shows presented as professionally and glamorously as any top Boxing show in the country, with incredible lighting rigs, high-definition big screens, illuminated catwalks, beautiful ring girls and state of the art camera work. Filming is in the capable hands of Moonlite Productions, who have over 30 years of experience across all types of events from conferences to music festivals. As a result the action on the night is not only presented to the highest technical standards, the official DVD of the event is a state of the art keepsake the boxer’s will treasure with the added bonus of a professional commentary provided by Malcolm Martin who has worked on Cage Rage, Box Nation, Pain and Glory and he is currently the voice of BAMMA the biggest MMA show in Europe which airs live on Spike.

Dedicated Charity:

As well as providing ordinary men and women the opportunity of a once in a lifetime boxing experience, Train Like A Pro is noted for its charity work, with its own dedicated community fund ‘Donate Like Pro’. With ALL the money raised benefitting localised worthy causes within the boxer’s own community, Train Like A Pro has raised £10,000 in 2015, a figure that will only increase as the organisation continues to grow. With its dedication to supporting worthy local causes, Train Like A Pro have officially announced that Maria Louise Butler, former Mayoress of Aylesbury and District councillor of 16yrs, is the new DLAP fund co-ordinator.