About TLAP

Train Like A Pro is the white collar boxing phenomena that gives ordinary men and women the opportunity to be transformed into stars of the ring for one night of glory after an intense training course. What sets Train Like A Pro apart from other Organisations is its World Class coaches, team structure and strong sense of family, as 4 teams of 10 competitors are put through an intense 10 week training course that replicates a boxer’s professional fight-camp’Then they are matched on a boxing promotion that rivals any professional show in terms of production values, organisation and presentation.

Train Like A Pro gives its competitors a skill and mind-set that impacts upon their whole life long after their boxing bout has finished. They may never become a professional boxer but during their 10 week training camp competitors have access to all the tools of the boxer’s trade and experience the fitness regime, conditioning, psychology and the basics of boxing and sparring necessary to become a champion.