Boxing Challenge

Turning boxing dreams into a reality!
Have you ever dreamed of being a professional boxer stepping out to box in front of a huge crowd of cheering supporters? Then sign-on, glove-up and step into the ring with Train Like A Pro!

Train Like A Pro is the boxing phenomena that gives ordinary men and women the opportunity to be transformed into stars of the ring for one night of glory after an intense 10 week training course. Train Like A Pro is a truly once in a lifetime event that culminates in our novice boxers experiencing what it feels like to be a professional stepping between the ropes and boxing for three rounds in front of a huge crowd as the star of the show. Many have dreamed of what it would be like to box on a big stage as they watch their heroes on television but Train Like A Pro gives you the chance to turn that dream into a reality and achieve something you never felt possible.

Train Like A Pro takes 4 teams of 10 and puts them through an intense 10 week course that replicates a boxer’s professional fight-camp before they are matched on a boxing promotion that rivals any professional show in terms of production values, organisation and presentation. The 4 teams are coached by World-Class trainers, renowned coach Michael Zilles, Kickboxing champion Steven ‘pocket rocket’ Cook, professional boxing sensation Nathan Graham and former World champion Kickboxer ‘Sifu’ Michael Graham. Between them these men have a vast amount of knowledge and personal experience of competition at the highest level, ensuring the best possible preparation for your boxing bout in a safe and professional environment.

That said, once you are in your team you will quickly learn that each of the 4 trainers is a proven winner and there is no love lost when it comes to gym pride and each trainer is out to make sure they push their fighters to the very limits in training to gain bragging rights in the ring.

Train Like A Pro, through its quality instruction and proven structure will help you lose weight, gain confidence, manage fear, increase fitness and mental fortitude; in short TLAP will give you a skill and mind-set that will impact your whole life long after your boxing bout has finished. You may never become a professional boxer but during your 10 week training camp you will have access to the tools of the boxer’s trade and experience the fitness regime, conditioning, psychology and the basics of boxing and sparring necessary to become a champion.